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Why I Wrote a Thank-You Note to My Dead Grandmother

Late Saturday night, long after the trick-or-treaters had filled their buckets, after my loud neighbors finished what I can only assume was a full-blown EDM rave in the middle of the suburbs, and even after my two week-old daughter went down for her nighttime stretch, I wrote a thank you note to my dead grandmother. Not an email. Not a journal entry. Not even on my personal stationary, no matter how proud she would be to see “Rabbi” before her grandson’s name. I used the nicest thank you note I could find,......

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Bo Burnham Laughing At God and Me Laughing At Bo Burnham

However faithful or faithless you may be, I dare you to watch this without laughing! Far from being heretical or otherwise offensive, having a laugh at God’s expense is not only sometimes the healthiest thing to do, it’s quite traditional. Sarah laughs at God in the Book of Genesis, and if it was good enough for her, then even the most pious among us should relax about laughing at God. That’s exactly what Bo Burnham does in his song, “From God’s Perspective” below (language NSFW). Believe me, I know that Bo Burnham......

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