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Rapping the Evolution of Religion

“You’ve probably never thought about the evolutionary origins of religion before. And if you have, you certainly haven’t heard it rapped before.”?That’s the message of of Baba Brinkman‘s hip-hop-inspired, meticulously-researched Off-Broadway show “The Rap Guide to Religion.” Brinkman calls his shows “peer-reviewed rap,” having created and performed productions like “The Rap Guide to Evolution” and “The Canterbury Tales Remixed.” His latest foray is into the field of religion. Since I am always looking for interesting and intelligent perspectives on the interaction of science and religion, when a friend of mine told me......

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Hollywood Head-scratcher: Why Does Some Violence Get a Pass?

In just three minutes, the following viral video features every violent death that occurs in the original Star Wars trilogy – and it’s a huge number. Yet in all the debate about violent entertainment and the damage it does, or doesn’t do, I don’t think anyone ever beat up on George Lucas’ beloved Star Wars?franchise. That contradiction got me thinking. What are we really talking about when we talk about violence in media? Clearly, as the video tally demonstrates, the Star Wars movies are very violent. But it’s not so objectionable, at......

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