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Today's College Students: Self-Absorbed and Narcissistic?

Are today’s college students really as “self-absorbed” and “narcissistic” as increasing numbers of people claim? Since broad generalizations, especially negative ones, are especially easy to make, much harder to prove and typically offered to gratify the one making them, I typically assume that they are always gross over-statements at least, and often altogether false. Typically. Events unfolding at Oklahoma Wesleyan University however, have got me thinking about the possibility that there may be at least more underlying truth in people’s concerns about college student culture than I tend to see. It all......

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Prayer on the Go, at Drive-Thru Churches

We have drive-thru restaurants and drive-thru banks. And now, popping up around the country – from the red state of Florida, to the purple state of Arizona, to the blue state of Massachusetts – are drive-thru prayer services.?”This is an attempt to reach folks in our fast-paced culture…It can be spontaneous,” said a Minnesota pastor who recently experimented with this convenience, created to appeal to locals and commuters driving by. You heard this right. On-the-spot spiritual guidance, comfort to worshippers in a hurry – a real drive-thru ministry. Drivers can warm their......

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