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December 15, 2014

Check here for a weekly list of what Brad and Irwin are reading and watching. A virtual bedside table, The Week in Wisdom offers the books, movies, articles, programs and more that shape how Brad and Irwin look at the world.


1 Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant: How We Make Comparisons

Posted December 15, 2014

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant: How We Make Comparisons

The Chicago Bulls are off to a great start this season, leading their division with a 14-8 record. I know, it’s a long season and there’s little predictive value in such a small sample, but the Bears are beyond bad, and I am a big fan of finding solace where you can, when you can — an approach not limited to sports, by the way. So, that is why I find myself celebrating all things Bulls-related, including Michael Jordan Read More

2 Ripple in Still Water: The Power of Tears

Posted December 15, 2014

Ripple in Still Water: The Power of Tears

Imagine sitting in a 55,000 square foot empty space with a barrel vaulted ceiling, an expanse of black rubber mats surrounded only by two rows of chairs, and two grand pianos on casters set in the middle of the sunken floor, one in the middle and the other off to the side. Now, imagine 122,000 gallons of water very slowly, silently bubbling up through the cracks of the floor, flooding the vast hall. Read More

3 41: A Portrait of My Father

Posted December 15, 2014

41: A Portrait of My Father

George W Bush’s 41 is more than a biography of his father and predecessor in the presidency, George H. W. Bush. It’s a eulogy, and a lesson for all fathers and sons. It can apply to fathers and daughters, to mothers and their children, too. But as the second anniversary of my father’s death nears, I see things increasingly through the prism of fathers and sons. Read More