Tag: Renewal

Widen Your View and Pay Hope Forward

When you look at the image above, what do you see? What does it make you think? How does it make you feel? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? In each case, what we see, and how we think about these images, can create remarkable opportunities and possibilities for us – if we dare to let it be so. I’m thinking a lot about that as I, along with family, friends and millions of others (not all of them Jewish, by the way) celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish......

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Create Your Day of Rest in 10 Steps

We all need time to just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy life, reflect, and re-energize. Finding this place of renewal and re-creation, remembering the non-work parts of who we are, connecting more deeply to people we love and to the beauty of the world actually takes just as much intention, creativity, and practice as working productively. Every Spring, the National Day of Unplugging emphasizes this. In our hectic lives, when for the first time in human history we can be plugged in 24/7, it’s not surprising that the practice of?......

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