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The End of the Gratitude Discount

Do you pray before meals? Do you take a moment before eating to be grateful for the food you are about to enjoy? A restaurant in North Carolina is in trouble for offering customers a 15% discount if they pray before their meal. Obviously, this is perfect culture war material with some people praising the promotion of prayer and others criticizing the deal. Here is the story. For the past four years, Mary’s Gourmet Restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, had been surprising customers with a 15% discount if they prayed or meditated......

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Conversation. It's What's for Dinner.

When was the last time you had really good dinner conversation with family or friends? Conversation that was not interrupted by the many ways our devices have a hold on us: the compelling ping calling us to a text or an email, the insatiable desire to check our Facebook page, tweet a thought, take a photo, or Google anything.? A conversation that was more than just a breezy catch up, one that was spirited and smart and made you think in some new way and become more connected to someone because of......

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