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Anguish About the Germanwings Plane: Where Was God?

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: As horrifying details emerge about the cause of the Germanwings plane crash, an unbearable sense of shared, collective trauma grows. “In a moment of pain, any question has to be safe to ask,” including this one: Where was God? Consider with me how those who lost loved ones may find meaning in the tragedy, in the long hours, days and years of grief that lie ahead for them. Watch my video below for more insight and discussion. Odyssey Networks tells the stories of faith......

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Israeli and Palestinian Women Design New Patterns for Peace

Whatever you feel about the political biases of the 24/7 media, the fact that the only news we see about Israelis and Palestinians is of hate, violence, destruction and death makes it easy to despair about the seemingly insoluble conflict. Despair is not just the greatest sin, but it’s really a failure of human imagination. The vitriol and enmity that grows each day, as people are traumatized by war, is very real – but it is not the only story. There are plenty of Israelis and Palestinians building bridges. Hearing their stories,......

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