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The Gift of Recognizing What's in Your Way

When I was an MFA student at Bennington many years ago, I had a poetry mentor named Jason Shinder who used to say, “Whatever gets in the way of the work, is the work.” He was talking about poetry, of course. Whatever is getting in the way of writing poems, that’s precisely what I need to be bringing into my poetry. Is something in my life keeping me too busy to write poems? Or is something in my life distracting me from the inner work required to write poems with heart? Whatever......

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Why a Controversial Baseball Play Should Be More Than a Metaphor

For the first time in baseball history?- and in the World Series no less?- a game ended because the umpire called “obstruction”.     Will Middlebrooks, the third baseman for the Boston Red Sox, lunged for a throw from the catcher Jarrod Satalamacchia but could not reach it. He fell, and while lying on the ground he tripped Allen Craig who was rounding third base trying to score. Though Craig was out at the plate with plenty of room to spare, Jim Joyce the umpire, immediately called obstruction. According to this rarely......

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