The Wisdom Daily is looking for your wisdom.  If you are a writer who has found a special wisdom to share with the world, we’d love to hear from you.

What We’re Looking For: Below, you will see the specific categories of writing we are currently looking for.  But, more importantly, we are looking for work that truly helps people look at their reality in a different way.  As opposed to affirmations of life choices already experienced and the divisive writing we tend to see online, we are looking for work that ultimately leads people to look inwards as opposed to outwards.

How To Submit: Please fill out this Jotform, with a short pitch that covers your idea, as well as some background about you and your experience.  We will get back to you within a week.


1. Historic Profiles:
As you will see with all the categories, our goal is to find the wisdom in the world from unlikely and exciting places.  A prime example is figures in history who have lived out a life of intense wisdom.  This doesn’t have to mean that they have to be people we necessarily associate with the word “wise” but more like people that we personally consider wise.  The goal with these profiles will be to both tell the story of these people while also sharing the wisdom we believe they have to share.

Example: The Woman Who Killed To Save Jews From The Nazis

2. Interviews With Wise People Of Today: This is similar to the first category, but in this case, you’d actually be interviewing someone and using the information they share with you to profile them and their wisdom.  Again, the goal here is not to necessarily go for the “typical” expected sources of wisdom, but to discover unique sources that others may not think of.

Example: Interview With A Mystic

3. Visual Wisdom: The power of the visual experience online can’t be underestimated, and in that regard, a well-done post that revolves around sharing the wisdom from photography or art can be incredibly powerful.  The goal here is to either profile an artist who is sharing some profound wisdom or use art/photography as a launchpad to wisdom.  This may be a bit hard to understand so see the examples below to get a better understanding.

Example 1: The Breathtaking Photography Project Inspired By A Jewish Town

Example 2: 20 Photos That Change The Holocaust Narrative

4. Soul Writings:  The idea with this category is to share the spiritual wisdom directly from the sources we have found them in.  Feel free to go broad with this, whether it be your favorite book about Hasidus, the Tao Te Ching, an essay by your favorite religious leader, or anything else.

Formatting will include selections quoted with the aim to give people an insight into the work as a whole or one piece of wisdom you particularly resonated with.  A great example of this category is the blog Brain Pickings:

Example 1: What Etty Hillesum, Holocaust Heroine, Taught Me About Living Deeply

Example 2: Philosopher Erich Fromm on the Art of Loving and What Is Keeping Us from Mastering It

5. Soul Hacks: The name is “Soul Hacks” and the idea is to take the well-known “Lifehacking” category of writing online and apply it to our spiritual lives.  Since we so often talk about spirituality and wisdom in a way that is abstract, it would be amazing to get very real, very practical tips about how to make our lives more spiritual.  Since you are all are such wise and soulful people, we felt you’d be perfect for writing this category.

Example: The Power Of Journaling Your Prayers

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