"Birah Doleket"

Monday night, I saw Ani DiFranco in concert. For those of you who don’t have lyrics from “If He Tries Anything” as your yearbook quote, she’s a folk rock singer-songwriter whose powerful lyrics about feminism, abortion rights, and fighting oppression have buoyed many Gen X and elder Millennial feminists. She was like a beloved older cousin who taught me that being fierce, feminist, and angry were a-okay – and, in fact, that anger was an appropriate response to the world around me. The last time I saw her live was in 2004......

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Why do we need Moses to keep talking?

According to the commentator, Nachmanides, Moses finishes reviewing the commandments and stipulations of the Torah by Deuteronomy 26:16. This already comes most of the way through a book of the Torah that some commentators view as a recapitulation of the other four books – and which some contemporary scholars view as a later addition altogether. So why are we here, three chapters after the most generous reading of the Book of Deuteronomy indicates Moses has fully conveyed the content of the Torah? Why is Moses relating a review of a review within......

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I have a story for you... and a 'wee dram.'

There’s something about whisky and story-telling that makes them a special kind of blend. In any setting where a ‘wee dram’ (a small pour) is shared, conversation flows. If you’ve ever been to a whisky tasting seminar, the story of the whisky is an important part of understanding the liquid in the glass. I’m a Rabbi and also an amateur whisky enthusiast. In the midst of the pandemic, when connecting with others to share a dram and some stories, the sharing took place on Zoom and in the Clubhouse audio app. I......

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