Watch: The Packhorse Librarians Of Eastern Kentucky

Watch: The Packhorse Librarians Of Eastern Kentucky

Imagine this: a group of librarians delivering books on horseback just to make sure people could have access to reading material.

That’s exactly what these intrepid women in eastern Kentucky did during the Great Depression, thus bringing a love of reading to families who would have otherwise remained illiterate.


Rebecca Odessa

Rebecca is a painter, collage artist and writer. Originally from New Zealand, she now lives on a little Island in the Irish Sea. She has a degree in Religious Studies and is passionate about religious history, philosophy and esoteric goings on. Her favourite research topic is peculiar religious figures; those people who, through their devotion and vision of the divine, challenged the religious establishments to which they belonged, sometimes being crushed by those establishments, other times irrevocably changing them. You can contact her and/or find her artwork and other writing on her website

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