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What Big Issues Will Light Up 2016?

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: As we say good-bye to this eventful year, it’s a worthwhile exercise to think about the stories and debates that will dominate our public discourse in 2016. In my opinion, I believe we’ll see more focus on two important issues that affect everyone: privacy and trust. Can we progress in how we all relate to one another? Think about it: What would it mean to make an effort, at least once a day, to regard the world with a little less suspicion? Watch my......

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Will the U.S. Be Smart About Smartphone Privacy?

As U.S. government officials consider how to meet law enforcement’s need for access to data – now increasingly encrypted on personal tech devices – Google, Apple and 140 other technology firms are pushing back. In an appeal to the Obama administration, they argue that “strong encryption is the cornerstone of the modern information economy’s security.” Still, we shouldn’t forget: The cellphone is one of the single most important tools in 21st-century terrorism. Privacy is a priority for Americans, but what about public safety? Is the tech industry’s position a responsible one? “They......

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Google and the Right to Be Forgotten

Who doesn’t want to know that their life makes a difference – a difference that at least those closest to them will appreciate? Who among us doesn’t want to be remembered? But how are memories created and preserved? What makes some things memorable and others forgettable? These questions have been at the center of society for most of human history. They lay at the center of many religions, much of politics, and so much more. Now however, probably for the first time in human history, we have a new challenge: how to......

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